Talking about university admission:

Admission is still going on.

Can I say : Admission is still in date?

And, admission is out of date, for showing contrast?

Please explain.

Thank you.


A particular university might accept applications between 1 February and 1 May for starting studies in August.

  • In January, you can say Admission is not yet open / has not yet opened / has not yet started
  • In April, you can say Admission is open / still open
  • In June, you can say Admission is closed / has closed / is completed / has completed

We don't use out of date in this context.

  • Your passport is out of date = It is no longer valid
  • Your clothes are out of date = They are no longer fashionable
  • But Your clothes are up to date = They are fashionable

There are not many phases where you can easily use in date.

  • (informal) Is this milk still in date? = Is it still within its printed shelf life?
  • Jonathanjo ......I also have a question. Please tell: Can we use 'Admission is close' or 'Admission is complete' in your third example, just as 'Admission is open' in your second example? – Prerna Krishna Apr 26 '19 at 12:18
  • "*Admission is close" is incorrect, "admission is complete" is somewhat awkward. "Is open" and "has closed" are the most ordinary. – jonathanjo Apr 26 '19 at 13:11

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