I was wondering about the difference between these sentences. They all translate the German "Der Zeit vergeht so schnell" or the Italian "il tempo vola". I would like to know if:

  • all of them are correct;
  • there is any significant geographical difference between them. If for instance one is more used in the US and another somewhere else, in case please specify where.
  • I'd also like to know which one is the most likely to be used in a colloquial situation, maybe as one is speaking with a friend and realizes "Wow! It's already the end of April" "Yeah, time ... (whatever expression). a native speaker would use).

    1. Time flies!
    2. Time goes by so fast/quickly!
    3. Time passes so fast/quickly

Is there any other way to express this? In case let me please know! Thank you all, Eli

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Time flies!

Time goes by so fast/quickly!

Time passes so fast/quickly!

These three sentences are correct and there is no difference between them.

But, mostly time flies is used in a colloquial language and it's more common expression.


Latin would be "tempus fugit."

"[Something happened] in the blink of an eye."

"[Something happened] in a New York minute." That would be very fast indeed! Somehow a "NY minute" is faster than a minute anywhere else on Earth.

"Lightning" might also be used to express something happening very quickly, like the Blitzkrieg. "That horse was fast as lightning!"

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