I give some sentences I saw below ;

1) you'll regret it.
2) they bemoan lack of fund.

My question is that if i use a preposition like "about" after these above given synonyms whether it be wrong or not, and when I write sentences using them, could I use "for" or "about" after them?

  • How are you proposing you would use for or about in those sentences? I can't think of any way of inserting either word that would be grammatical. (For instance, you'll regret [for / about] it is not at all grammatical.) – Jason Bassford Apr 28 at 7:42

Number 2 should use "lack of funds" or "lack of funding" not "lack of fund". And "the lack of funds" would be better yet.

I don't see a plausible and valid way to use 'about" in variants of the example sentences. A use of "for" here also seems dubious at best. Perhaps if you were to provide your best attempts, a better answer could be given.

  • I could not understand. Can you or anyone explain it clearly? – Risvan Apr 27 at 14:07

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