What is the verb used for the noun parquet and moquette and carpet in order to cover a floor surface using them?

I.e. I have no idea whether you'd use them in the following ways:

  • We have laid parquets all over the house.
  • You'd better lay parquet / moquette all your apartment.

Unfortunately, my dictionaries couldn't give me any hint in this regard! I have my doubts whether the nouns play a verb role too!


Both carpet and parquet can be used as verbs.

As in:

I carpeted the floor.
I parqueted the floor.

Moquette has no such verbal equivalent. (Although if you used it that way, I doubt you'd be misunderstood—so long as the other person knew what moquette was; it's something I'd never heard of before just now.)

But there is certainly nothing wrong with using the verbs lay or cover with one of those nouns.

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