I am not quite get the logic between the lines here. Is "Don't hate" a slang or sth? Why did Bruce say it? (he sure knows Tony not hates him, so it's a joke, right? but meaning what?) This phrase bothers me a lot, and I am looking for a paraphrase or replacement of this sentence.

The context is: Tony Stark is trying to persuade Bruce Banner to help design artificial intelligence by using the scepter with the mind stone.

Here is the sentence:

“Down in Strucker’s lab, I saw some fairly advanced robotics work. They deep-sixed the data, but I’m guessing he was knocking on a very particular door.”

“Artificial intelligence,” Bruce said.

“This could be it, Bruce. This could be the key to creating Ultron.”

Bruce looked at Tony. “I thought Ultron was a fantasy.”

“Yesterday it was,” Tony said. “But if we can harness this power . . . apply it to the Iron Legion protocol . . .”

“That’s a man-size if.”

“Our job is if. What if you were sipping margaritas on a sun-drenched beach? Turning brown instead of green? Not looking over your shoulder for Veronica.”

“Don’t hate,” Bruce said. “I helped design Veronica.”

“As a worst-case measure. What about a best case? What if the world was safe? What if the next time aliens roll up—and they will—they couldn’t get past the bouncer?”

The Avengers II

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It is slang, but the meaning is fairly literal: don't act hatefully towards me.

It's often said humorously, where hate is a much stronger word than would be appropriate. In this more jocular context, the meaning is more like, "don't be rude."

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