Me and my friend were wondering weather which sentence is right:

  • You are exception
  • You are exceptional

The meaning we are trying to portray is you are different.. so based in this meaning which sentence is right?


Your question has several errors.

Me and my friend were wondering... is incorrect. Me is the object form in English. You need the subject form: My friend and I were wondering.....

The test is to ask yourself, can I say: Me was wondering.... If the answer is no, you also can't say Me and my friend were wondering...

Furthermore, weather refers to the rain, sun, wind etc that is being experienced. The spelling you require is whether, although the pronunciation is the same.

Coming to your question, the word exception is a noun. The word exceptional is an adjective. We use adjectives, not nouns, to modify other nouns or pronouns, such as you.

Thus, you would say to someone: You are an exceptional person or just you are exceptional, signifying outstanding or excellent rather than just unusual.

On the other hand, you might say: You are an exception...., which really just means that you are different in some respect from most people.

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