From what I understand, Cry is used when somebody's tears come of their eyes and the sound is loud.

I hate when Babies cry for no reason.(Baby=cry not weep, Right? )

And Weep is used when somebody cries but silently. For eg.

I saw her weeping while watching a sad movie.

But instead of "I saw her weeping" I hear "I saw her crying" when she was actualy weeping(crying silently).

Is my usage correct? If not correct me Please.

Thanks in advance


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Really, cry is make a loud noise, including shouting, wailing. But it can also used when tears come, with or without noise, and certainly the normal way to say it. Weeping is means there are tears, normally of sadness, normally without sound. "Weeping" is also used for any slow leaking of liquid, such as from a wound, or a rotten vegetable

Such as:

  • The baby cried all night and we got no sleep
  • The widow cried but you could hardly hear her

Some relatively uncommon uses:

  • There was weeping and wailing after his football team lost = tears + noise
  • Silently crying in the corner = tears
  • A battle cry = something you shout when you go into battle
  • Cry “God for Harry, England, and Saint George!” -- very well known Shakespeare, Henry V = imperative shout

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