In the movie Captain Marvel, she was sold out by Nick Fury, as Nick Fury had thought captain Marvel was an enemy. What is the difference between these two sentences: (Nick Fury used an old pager to communicate)

captain Marvel to Nick Fury: "You obviously can't trust them with it"


captain Marvel to Nick Fury: "You obviously can't trust them using it"

If I were to say that, I would use sentence 2, since it's more common to my ear.


To say that you can't trust somebody with something is a general way of expressing doubt that the person involved is either mature, honest, capable, responsible or experienced enough to do something.

The something can vary from a small task such as walking the dog to overseeing a department of government or captaining an ocean liner.

This expression can also refer to somebody's inability to keep a secret. It just refers to the person's unreliability in some respect.

To say that you can trust something using it refers to some unspecified object. It might be a firearm, a vehicle, a machine or just a penknife.

The difference is that the first expression can refer to anything under the sun while the second refers specifically to the use of a particular object.

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