What does "fillip of" mean in the below 4 sentences?

No.1,2, and 3 are usage examples from dictionaries. No.4 is from the internet

  1. The tragedy may even offer a fillip of support to a president who polled low even before the months of violent “Yellow Vest” protests erupted late last year.
  2. It was with a little fillip of surprise that Pascoe realized she hadn't recognized his voice.
  3. Did she only feel good because of the unexpected fillip of her highly attractive anonymous new neighbour?
  4. To this day, though, the mention of crows produces a little fillip of panic in me.

Well, what is shown below are the relevant definitions of fillip I have found from various dictionaries.

Oxford Dictionaries: something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

Cambridge Dictionary: something that causes a sudden improvement.

Vocabulary.com Dictionary: anything that tends to arouse

As you can see, fillip means along the lines of a boost or a stimulus. Only The dictionary by Merriam-Webster lists two additional meanings that might be helpful.

b a trivial addition c a significant and often unexpected development

However, I am still confused about the meanings of fillip in the above 4 sentences. For 1, does it mean that the tragedy may boost the support of the president? I have no ideas what fillip means in 2 and 3. For 4, does it mean a small/little boost of panic?

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