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I just really would like you guys, more particularly the Native Am.Eng Speakers to explain to me as clear and simple as possible how and when to use the words " Probably " vs " Maybe " in terms of comparing each other. I mean, on what those two words are or should be based on.

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These are "adverbials of probability".

Adverbs of probability are used to show how sure we are about a situation or event.

definitely, certainly, clearly and obviously show that something is very likely to happen (very high probability)

  • We will definitely be there tomorrow.
  • She is certainly coming to the party.
  • It is clearly going to be wonderful weather tomorrow.
  • They are obviously late.

possibly, perhaps, probably, maybe show that something may or may not happen:

  • I’ll probably go out tonight - more likely than not
  • I'll maybe go out tonight. - less certain

perhaps and possibly show that something is less likely to happen (low probability)

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