I want to ask a person what time should I start to work.

What is the regular office hour?


What are the regular office hours?


Unless the period of work in question is a specific single hour (unlikely), the correct version is your second one.

Alternatives might be:

What are your business hours?
What are your opening and closing times? (If it's a retail business)
What hours am I expected to work?

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  • I'd issue a word of caution to the learner. Business hours might be from 8AM to 6PM, but the workers might be expected to arrive at 7:30. "Business hours" and "work hours" aren't necessarily the same, which is why I like your last version best, in regards to the O.P.'s question. – J.R. Mar 6 '16 at 19:04

In academia, an office hour is an appointed time when a professor is available to meet with students who might have questions.

To avoid confusion, you might want to use a different expression, like one of these:

  • What are the reporting hours?
  • What times am I expected to work?
  • When does my working day start and end?

Note: Those questions are designed to give both a start time and an end time for your work day. If you are primarily interested in what time you start your work day, you can use one of these:

  • What time am I expected to show up?
  • How early do I need to be here?
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