I'm searching for a word which does have the same meaning as a pick-up line or an ice breaker but without the implication or intention of dating.

A simple word which means the begin of a conversation, the "first approach".

I don't even know how to call it in my native language (German) which makes it incredible hard to search for an English word.

EDIT: It is about a personal conversation and no business matter.


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You can use opener or introduction.

  • He came over and gave us his opener about his products.
  • By way of introduction she described her journey and how pleased she was to be here.


  • He came over and gave us his pitch about the products (baseball metaphor, also common now in UK marketing/advertising/sales)
  • His opening gambit was to talk about the introductory offer. (Chess metaphor, implies cunning)

Many would not know the baseball and chess origins of those phrases, and use them nonetheless.

NB: ice-breaker carries social connotation of breaking down shyness, often for groups. Pick-up line (UK chat-up line) has sexual connotation.


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