I am asking, because in a science-fiction setting you may need to differentiate between morse code sent telepathically and morse code sent through radio signals. Is there any way we can shorten or improve the awkward-sounding "radio signals of morse code"?

  • Why would a telepath need to communicate in code? Couldn't they just send their thoughts verbatim? – Andrew May 7 '19 at 0:07

I believe the usual term is radiotelegraphy, but that can be in Morse or binary codes. You'll easily find phrases such as Morse [code] by signal lamp or Morse [code] over the radio, "... by blinking", or in your case "... by telepathy".

Wikipedia has the sentence "Today, due to more modern text transmission methods, Morse code radiotelegraphy for commercial use has become obsolete."


The radio transmission method for Morse is called "carrier wave" or CW.


So you might contrast that with "thought wave" or TW.

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