Here is a sentence from a golf app's description:

This ball's Level 3 sidespin stat makes the most of a strong tailwind.

I know the lexical meaning of the word "stat", but cannot figure out its sense here.


Honestly, I am not entirely sure of the meaning here, without additional context. I am sure that "stat" is being used in the sense of "a numerical property", a sense which is derived from 'statistic", but I think you already knew or strongly suspected that.

I am fairly sure that a "Level 3 sidespin stat" is a very specific numerical property, having something to do with how the ball spins and thus how it reacts to air pressure and air movement, but I do not know jut what a "Level 3 sidespin stat" is, or how it would interact with a tailwind.

Since this is in the context of a simulation, not an attempt to measure and analyze the performance of a real ball, I think this 'stat" is a numerical property used to determine the behavior of the ball, in a way thought to simulate the behavior of a real ball.

One could rewrite the sentence as:

The numeric property X, which we have assigned to the simulated ball, increases the effect of a strong simulated tailwind more than other possible properties that might be used in the simulation.

This leaves one with no clue as to what X really is, but that does not decrease my level of knowledge significantly. I didn't know anyway. It leaves the essential meaning of the sentence unchanged, I think.

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