If I was to write: I will be sitting all day on open space would that be correct or should I say I will be sitting all day at open space or otherwise. By openspace I mean the typical corporate space where employees sit and work

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    You sit in the open space. You cannot sit on it unless you climb onto the roof, and sitting at it would mean you're not actually sitting in the space but in some area adjacent to it. – ЯegDwight May 9 '19 at 12:08

Because it's not a proper noun, your "open space" likely needs a definite or indefinite article. If the audience of your message understands that there is one specific open space to which you are referring, use the definite article ("the open space"); otherwise, use an indefinite article ("an open space").

As to which preposition to use, you would generally say that you sit in a space.

I will be sitting all day in the open space.

You would say that you sit on a piece of furniture, like a chair or a bench, or you would sit on the floor, the ground, or the lawn, as the case may be.

You would sit at your desk, or at a landmark, perhaps, or any other place that you are physically next to but not precisely "in" or "on."

  • Thanks, I forgot about the indefinite article but of course you are right, it should be there – Niteraleph May 9 '19 at 14:08

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