Tell me please if need to add an s at the end of the word.

We are sound and silence, together creating voices and music emerge(s).

It is from this video at 4 minute and 33 second, and the verb without an s. I know that the word music is uncountable, and that is plural, but should it not be treated as singular?

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    Yeah, it's just an oddly structured sentence. It's possible the narrator misread the story, and either didn't realize it, or didn't care to go back and re-record that section. I wouldn't over-think it though. Just write it off as a mistake of some kind and move on. – Andrew May 9 '19 at 18:21

As you say, it is uncountable and requires the singular verb emerges.

However, music is not plural.

Although some nouns such as air can be used in the plural in certain contexts (to put on airs) I am struggling to think of a context in which one could speak of musics.

All varieties of music, no matter how many or varied, are all just music and never musics.

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This seems like a weird sentence, but if you parse it differently:

together creating, (voices and music) emerge

where voices is one noun phrase and voices and music is a larger plural noun phrase, and neither is a direct object of creating - then emerge makes sense as a plural verb form.

Actually - while listening to the clip, I hear a pause after the word voices so maybe this is not the correct interpretation (unless the narrator is reading the script incorrectly).

Maybe creating voices and music are the two noun phrases? I am not sure what a creating voice is, though. The sentence is odd either way.

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