Since I am not yet fully scheduled, at the moment I cannot say for sure which period is suitable for me. Is it OK if I let you know about this in 3 weeks once I am fully scheduled?

At the moment? at this moment? at this time? at the present time? ... ?

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    Personally, I would remove the phrase altogether. To me, it sounds more natural to simply say since I am not yet fully scheduled, I cannot say . . . There is no reason to add the extra phrasing. Unless you move the comma from before the time phrase to after it. But nobody can objectively answer Which phrase is the most correct? May 10, 2019 at 15:43

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"right now" is probably more common, especially in speech, than any of "at the moment", "at this moment", "at this time", or "at the present time".

As a matter of style, I would tend to favor "at the moment", but it would depend on context and the style of speech/writing that I was aiming for. Any of these is grammatical.

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