I don't know which one of the next sentences are correct. Please, help me to find out. I also will be appreciated if you'll explain which rules we use here. Where I should to put the "is"?

A) I forgot, how hard is it - to be a policeman.
B) I forgot, how is hard it - to be a policeman.
C) I forgot, how hard it - to be a policeman is.
D) I forgot, how hard it is - to be a policeman

I think, A is a correct answer.

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  • I guess option D) sounds the best (at least to me) – It's about English May 10 at 12:00

Alright, since you want to emphasize that you forgot how hard being a policeman is, right answer is D

I forgot, how hard it is - to be a policeman

Why so? Sentence A sounds like a question. How hard is it to be a policeman sounds like a question you would ask someone.

Here you don't want to ask a question. You want to mention a fact and you also want to tell that you forgot that particular fact. Options B and C are structurally wrong and don't lead to anywhere. Only option left now is D!

I forgot, how hard it is - to be a policeman, is the right answer!

  • It is an entire sentence. I just wanted to emphasize that to be a policeman is hard. – First Name Last Name May 10 at 11:59

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