When NAm.En native speakers say or reply with "I guess (so)", "i guess (that) ..." and "... , I guess.", what are the common different ways in which they use the word "guess" here as a verb in the aforementioned contexts?

I mean, can you help me with fully mastering how to use it informally in these different contexts? I didn't really find any of the good online English dictionaries out there to be that much of help or that useful with using it in its informal contexts and the other good online English dictionaries probably wouldn't be either.

So perhaps you could provide any tips you think that might better help with that.


The verb 'to guess' means to provide an answer without knowing whether it's the right answer.

Usually, when we use the word in the way you're describing, it's because we're not sure about what we're saying but we believe that what we're correct.

Where's George? I guess he went home, because he said he was tired, but I don't know because I didn't see him leave.

It's also used when the speaker doesn't want to commit fully to their answer for some reason. They might know what the answer is but they won't admit that they know.

John, you hurt Sarah's feelings. Did you know that? Yeah, I guess so.

Another use is a to soften the tone of a strong suggestion that is not likely to be received enthusiastically.

Well, if you hurt her feelings, I guess you'll have to go and apologize.

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