I faintly remember learning a word that means an arbitrary hubbub of things, all the to do, a minor inconvenience, etc., I'm not really sure. I thought it was ca. "carruffel", but that does not exist. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

  • "Kerfluffle" is one version I've seen. But this is a very informal word, so you'll likely see other spellings as well.
    – The Photon
    May 12 '19 at 18:10

From Merriam-Webster's definition of kerfuffle:

plural kerfuffles

: a disturbance or commotion typically caused by a dispute or conflict

// In all the kerfuffle, nobody seemed to have noticed Harry, which suited him perfectly.
— J. K. Rowling

// It's not the only school with dress code issues; almost every week there's a local story about some kerfuffle over what kids wear to school.
— Belinda Luscombe

  • Perhaps worth adding that this (as far as I'm aware) is primarily a British English word, and relatively informal.
    – Muzer
    May 13 '19 at 9:40

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