Is there a word that means "to cause (an image) to appear in the air" like a hologram? By image I mean a 2d image and not a 3d image like a hologram, but I don't mind if the word doesn't distinguish which kind of image. Is there any such word? I know that project means "to cause (an image) to appear on a surface", but I can't think of a word that means "to cause (an image) to appear in the air".

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One can also say "project" with this meaning, when a hologram is being used, one is said to project it. One can also speak of "displaying" the image, but would need to qualify that with "in space" or some similar phrase to have the specific meaning you want.

If the image is the result of a mental operation rather than a physical one, one could be said to "envision" something, or to "visualize" it. I would not use either word for a hologram-like physical process.

I cannot think of a specific term with exactly the meaning described in the question.


mirage (which is more the image itself rather than the cause, but it's all I've got)

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