I’m a non-native English speaker and I want to know what is the best way of learning new words

Is it by translate the word into my native language. Or by view the word definition in English

Or by mixing this two way up

  • Sometimes the definitions are not easy to understand, is there a dictionary that made for a non-native speaker with simple definitions?
  • Surely there must be bilingual dictionaries you can find that list English words but provide their definitions in your native language. – Jason Bassford May 15 at 6:30

To know the word meaning, you can check in your local language-English dictionary.

To know the exact definition of the word, you can check various online English dictionaries, for example:

If you want to find similar words:

There are dictionaries that specifically cover certain fields, for example:

To find the origin of the words and explanation of the words derived from Latin or Greek (etymology):

To find definitions of the words by just clicking on them, you can upload:

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