For example:

"Since I done my first homework, I was doing my second homework"

I've seen plenty of examples on English learner's sites demonstrating either Past Simple or Present Perfect as the main clause.

But is it possible to use Past Continuous as demonstrated above?

Logically, any construction which describes "Repeated actions", "State" or "Process" must go well with 'since' adverbial clause.

I think, following constructions can be used in speech without any problems:

  1. Since she earned a huge pile of many, she spent it at one stroke in a jewelry store - it seems incorrect, isn't it?

  2. Since they got a driver license, they visited car dealership everyday

  3. Since I said that I invented perpetual motion machine, scientists tried to refute my claim for 1 year until I was ready to demonstrate it in action

With Present Perfect Continuous in main clause:

  1. Since I decided to build a house, I have been considering how to earn enough money for it

With Past Simple (repeated actions) in 'since' clause:

  1. Since he used to take math class, I have became more suspicious of him

Please check my variants shown above whether they are correct or not And I would very glad to see your comments

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