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I kept googling "sleeve tattoos", but I can't find sleeve tattoos like the ones in the picture above with that term. Is there a keyword or a word that refers to that particular tattoo style?

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    Its not clear the the girl (elf?) in the picture has any tattoos. I see white, lacy things on her arms, but they don't look like real tattoos. Can you get a picture that isn't a fantasy painting or photomanipulation? – James K May 18 at 14:43

Sleeve is the term used for tattoos that cover the entire arm. Tattoos that cover only part of the arm can be called a half-sleeve, although this usually means a tattoo that covers the upper arm and shoulder.

I suppose these could be called partial sleeve tattoos, or simply arm tattoos.

Tattoo Lingo

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Given the fantasy context, an author writing about these tattoos would probably say something like:

The fairy had eldritch, glowing tattoos on her upper arms and her wrists.

  • The definition of eldritch is weird and sinister or ghostly. – blackbird May 18 at 14:59
  • @blackbird Also "possibly magical in origin", or "otherworldly". But that's just my personal interpretation. She seems like a nice fairy -- but you never know. A bit likely to catch a cold, though, dressed the way she is. – Andrew May 18 at 15:00

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