My friend has a translation business. He inquired if I could assist him for this: He posted on a job-search site to look for employees:

“We look for some more people**,** to take on-board…”

Does he have to put a comma, there? He said he did it as a secondary clause. And, with on-board, would he have to hyphenate this?

  • Unless you're somebody like Captain Kirk, nobody would think there are two clauses in that sentence. We look for [something]. What is that something? some more people to take on board, a single, unbroken phrase. – Jason Bassford May 19 '19 at 3:20

No a comma is not required there. Indeed one might argue that using a comma three is wrong. I am sure that I would not use one.

As to "on-board" vs "onboard", i would strongly favor omitting the hyphen. This google Ngram shows the unhyphenated form more common since 2000, and slightly more common earlier, but not drastically so.

I would add that "we look for some people" would be more natural as "we are looking for some people".

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