I was searching for difference between a lot of and Much and came across following rules(See here)

We usually use a lot of and lots of rather than muchand many in informal affirmative clauses:

There are a lot of monuments and a lot of historic buildings in Rome.

Not: There are many monuments and many historic buildings in Rome.

She gave me a lot of information.

Not: She gave me much information.

But it is not clear to me where to use a lot and where to use much/many. Why much or many is wrong in above sentence.

  • As the text says, we tend to use "a lot of" in informal situations. As a rough guide, use "a lot of" in speech, apart from formal presentations, and "much/many" in writing. – JavaLatte May 19 at 4:37
  • @JavaLatte mena if informal perspective is concerned, both are correct – Pradeep May 19 at 4:46
  • In an informal setting, for example conversation with friends, use of much/many would sound strange. Indeed, there are several even less formal terms that one might use in speech, for example " heaps of", "loads of", "a shed load of". A typical sentence might be "John can buy the next round- he's got loads of money!" – JavaLatte May 20 at 4:14

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