I read a similar question which is "What big cheeks!" and "What a big cheek!" (I have rephrased the question according to the answer it received).

As I, now, know that the phrasing is correct, I want to inquire about its validity when inserted within the speech as in the example:

She can see what a big heart and a charming personality you have.


You can use expressions starting "what", "how", etc within sentences. A declaration may end with an exclamation mark, but this is usually omitted within a longer expression.

What a pretty face you have!
I can see what a pretty face you have.

How well you play the piano!
We can hear how well you play the piano.

With multiple items, the second and subsequent indefinite articles may be omitted:

She can see what a big heart and charming personality you have. I can see what a big head, long neck, and small waist he has.

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