When I ask question by using examples, they often use "as in your example X" If they confirm my examples . Is it some kind of reduced phrase? or "as in" means "for example" ?

For instance:

Me: Can I use this structure in my sentences? And I give my examples.

Someone answering my question: Yes, you could use this structure, as in the sentence 3.

(Is this reduced phrase from something like this "as you used in the sentence 3" or just means "for example in the sentence 3")

  • ... as [it is presented] in the sentence 3. – Lucian Sava May 19 at 18:36
  • The sentence 3 is very awkward. It would normally just be as in sentence 3 (no article) or as in the third sentence. – Jason Bassford May 20 at 16:12

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