1. She requested that he raises his hand.
  2. She requested that he raise his hand.

Should I use singular or plural verb for subjunctive mood?

In the example above, which is the correct sentence? Or how should I rewrite the sentence?

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    A subjunctive clause uses the plain (infinitive) form of the verb. Your second example is correct, but note that "raise" is neither singular nor plural, but a plain(infinitive) form. – BillJ May 20 '19 at 9:58

Sentence 2 is correct. See more examples:

The family or the legal guardians of a mentally ill person have the right to request that he leave the hospital at any time.

An investigating officer took a statement from him on the same day, but ignored Mr. Kooper's request that he receive medical treatment.

The Council also extended the Special Representative's mandate by a further three years, with the request that he "operationalize" the framework.

Note that we shall use "be" after "that" in this formal construction:

I request that he be removed.

We requested that the next meeting be held on a Friday.

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