I am wondering if the following is grammatical and idiomatic.

I really love the restaurant but haven't gone in a while.

Is the word 'gone' used correctly here?

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    I'd probably use "been" instead, but it's not wrong to say gone. – Showsni May 21 at 14:45
  • As Showsni says. There is understood from the context. – Ronald Sole May 21 at 14:56
  • Do you mean a specific one? Or in general. – Lambie May 21 at 22:47

Both are acceptable, in my experience as an American English speaker. However, this probably varies with regional dialect.

When talking about the act of going to restaurants in general, I generally use "gone," as in "I haven't gone to a restaurant in a while."

When talking about a specific restaurant, I generally use "been," as in "I haven't been to McDougal's in a while," or "I like Larby's, but I haven't been in some time."

However, neither one is particularly strict; it makes perfect sense to say "I haven't been to a restaurant in a while" as well as "I haven't gone to Ruddy Tubsday's in some time."

  • @Jasper Sure, I just thought it was funny. – fluffy May 22 at 17:44

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