We can classify a disease for example according to the severity (mild, intermediate, and severe) or according to the stability (stable and non-stable) and so on. According to what we determine acute and chronic?


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The symptomatic timeframe of the disease from onset through healing can be described as acute or chronic. Acute can mean that the disease has a short symptomatic cycle. The disease comes on quickly and can be healed quickly (in a matter of weeks). Chronic can mean the disease will remain symptomatic over a long period of time. It may last through the rest of the patient’s life. There may be times of greater or lesser severity in a chronic disease. But, it is always present for the possibilities of flare-ups.

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Usually they are classified under the phases or stages of a disease.

According to the phase or stage of disease: 1. Acute. 2. Chronic.

See also here: stage of the condition (https://www.physio-pedia.com/Stage_of_the_Condition)

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