In the last sentence of following paragraph, he said "took sweet-ass beach vacation". Please give me a short explanation about sweet-ass . thank you.

“Elliot” was a successful man, an executive at a successful company. He was well liked by his coworkers and neighbors. He could be charming and disarmingly funny. He was a husband and a father and a friend and took sweet-ass beach vacations.


"Sweet ass X" is a slightly vulgar, slang expression meaning "really cool."

By itself, "sweet" is slang for "cool." Additionally, adding "-ass" to certain adjectives is a colloquial way of emphasizing them. Hence, "sweet-ass X" or "sweet ass X."


Have you looked it up in Urban Dictionary? Basically, “sweet-ass” is a slang term for “awesome”. See also “sweet”. Adding “ass” to an adjective is a slang way to intensify it- so “sweet-ass” is even better than “sweet” by itself.

“Beach” describes where Elliot goes on vacation - “sweet-ass” describes the beach vacations. Elliot takes awesome vacations to the beach.

  • I agree with the answer, but Urban Dictionary should never be considered an authoritative or reliable reference. Encouraging English language learners to rely on it is probably not a good thing, since a very large percentage of its contents is complete garbage. – TypeIA May 22 at 18:55
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    @TypeIA that's fair. I guess Wiktionary also has good slang definitions (if "standard" dictionaries don't), and is probably more reliable. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/-ass – Mixolydian May 22 at 19:36

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