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and my feet are not coming more than at the most 2 inches off the groud for regular bounce, so somewhere in the range of 1 to 2 inches is all that.

What does "feet" mean here? Does he mean "heel" not more than 2 inches off the ground or "toe" not more than 2 inches off the ground"? Because I think his "heel" are apparently 2 inches off the ground... If he meant "toe", why didn't he use the word "toe" but "feet"?


Feet just has the usual meaning. Check a picture dictionary if you are unsure. He could have said "toes" but as toes are the lowest part of the feet, saying "My feet are 1 inch off the ground" and "My toes are one inch off the ground" would have exactly the same meaning. Don't overthink this one. There is nothing deep or complex here.

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  • He said his "feet" is not 2 inches off the groud. but "heel" are also part of a "feet". – user95867 May 25 '19 at 16:23
  • So what. If I say "my feet are 2 inches off the ground" I mean "the lowest part of my feet" He could even say "I am 2 inches off the ground" even though his head is part of him. – James K May 25 '19 at 16:24

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