The meaning of ‘I felt obliged to him.’?

I can not understand the meaning of ‘I felt obliged to him’. I felt this sentence was weird.

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As is shown by Dictionary.com's sense 3:

to place under a debt of gratitude for some benefit, favor, or service:

I'm much obliged for the ride.

"obliged " can indicate a feeling that gratitude is owed. That is the way it is being used here.

I felt obliged to him.

meas "I felt grateful to him." and/or "I felt that I owned him a return favor."


It's a slightly unusual way of saying you felt you had an obligation to him. It could be as little as owing him thanks, as in "I'm much obliged to you" which is just a way of saying "thank you". Or it could mean that you thought you owed him more, either money or a favour for some service he had rendered you. In this second meaning you could also say "I felt obligated to him"

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