While talking about a bus or a train, what's the correct way to refer to his leaving the main train station? Is there a specific term like departure for airplane.

I thought about "When the train goes / moves to Cardiff" something else? But I'm not sure if it's natural.


Pulls away is usually used for trains. To add more context, one might say:

The train pulls away from the station.

In the context above this doesn't really fit though. The following may suffice:

When the train travels to Cardiff.


When the train leaves for Cardiff.

It depends on the context you're using it in though

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You could say

When the train leaves for Cardiff

to leave for means:

  1. To set out for some destination.
    What time do you leave for the airport in the morning?
    They're leaving for New York next week, so I'm having a going-away party for them this Saturday.

(source: The Free Dictionary - I've left out the sentence which is erroneously duplicated from definition 3)

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