What sort of linking word should I use in the following sentence:

"I thought you might have an idea ___ what I need to do"?

I have always thought that the best linking word in the above sentence would be "on" but now I'm having second thoughts. Is "on" an appropriate linking word to use here? and if it is, is it the only appropriate one to use?

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    "Of" is the most common preposition, followed by "about". – BillJ May 24 at 14:45
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    Other possibilities are concerning and regarding. Or even with respect to. I would say that on is one of the least common words used in this context. – Jason Bassford May 24 at 14:55

"About", "for", and "as to" are also usable in this context. "About" and "as to" are synonyms for "regarding", which avitus27 suggested. "For" has connotations of a suggestion.


Depending on the context and how formal you want to be, 'of' (being standard) or 'regarding' (more formal) would fit.

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