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what does including but not limited to mean here? And what means to post calls for artists?

This space collects any kinds of open-call opportunities for artists and arts professionals, including but not limited to residency programs, workshops, exhibition/ festival projects. Please feel free to post calls.

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    The list is not exhaustive. "The list is by no means exhaustive but it does capture some of the main elements." – Weather Vane May 28 at 19:46
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    A "residency program" is what it says when you look that term up. – Weather Vane May 28 at 20:17

I'll try to answer it. It means that beyond the items mentioned other ones may also be included in the "open-call opportunities. Another example: you'll have to pay for all your expenses, including but not limited to, transportation, alimentation and accommodation.

  • What does 'Please feel free to post calls' means for artists who are members of this group? – Vitaly May 29 at 7:44

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