As you may confronted some liars, you possibly would confirm that usually they forget what they have made-up and then related to you in the past and it's not unlekely that once they will forget in the future what they cited in the past.

I need an expression or possibly a proverb to explain the fact that usually all liars have a weak memory.


A) I tell you I couldn’t have done the murder, because I was up in London when it happened.
B) Which part of London?
A) Battersea.
B) Last time when I asked you, you said it was Bermondsey. Come on, let’s have the truth for a change. [The needed expression/proverb should come here.]

The only proverbial sentence I heard is:

All liar ought to have a good memory!

but I have no idea whether it works in current English or it's a Shakespearian wording of the statement in my question or what! Please let me know about it.

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"No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar" - Abe Lincoln

Explaination of this from Yahoo answers

Mark Twain also said that you should tell the truth because you won’t have to remember anything.

Forbes has a good selection of other quotes and idioms.

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