Which sentence is correct:

your throw was good

your throw was well

I think that throw is verb so second should be correct ,but the sentence looks odd.


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The first one is actually correct.

Here, "throw" is acting as a noun, so you want the adjective (good) rather than the adverb. Your hint here is "your," which always comes before nouns.

Another way to think about is "Your action is good." Action is always a noun, so obviously it uses the adjective. And a throw is a specific action.


Your first sentence is OK (it adds the quality of the adjective 'good' to the noun 'throw'). As for the second sentence, you can't modify a noun with an adverb ('well') it is only possible to modify a verb with it. Fortunately, by addition of a verb you can transform that sentence into:

Your throw was well performed.

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