1. Can I change this sentence "you can do it the same way as she does" as "As she does, you can do it the same way"?

  2. What is the difference in meaning between them?

  3. I just got an answer that both are grammatically correct, but the latter just sounds old-fashioned, so people wouldn't normally write that way. Is this answer really right? and I have no idea why the latter sounds old-fashioned unlike the former. Can you explain it?

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    What do you mean you just got an answer? From whom? (The latter sounds more unusual than old-fashioned to me. To really seem old fashioned, I would simply use as she does, so may you, dispensing with the rest of the words. It's the as she does introductory clause that leads toward an old-fashioned construction.) – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jun 1 at 14:29
  • @JasonBassford From a native speaker. So I asked him why. But he hasn't answered me till now. – SinK Jun 1 at 21:16

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