The code review is a process of inspection of a software code in order to find flaws, errors, defects etc. During a code review an inspector writes remarks about what is wrong and should be fixed.

I need to write a list of tasks I did today. Would it be correct to name one of my tasks:

Fixing code review remarks.

Actually I was fixing my code, not the remarks themselves.


What you were doing can be described in several ways:

  • Implementing suggested changes from the code review

  • Improving the code based on comments from the code review

  • Applying corrections/improvements/fixes suggested in the code review

Note that reviews typically generate comments (or requests for changes, in more official cases). A remark is a statement that is not substantial or less important than the remainder of the text. See this post in ELU for a longer discussion.

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  • Thank you! I agree that what I were doing can be described like you suggested. But I'd like to come up with a concise wording. Special thanks for toyr notice about comment/remark! – embedc Jun 1 '19 at 18:52

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