Are any of these constructions legitimate when talking to a person driving a car or riding a motorcycle? If no, which ones can be used?

  • "Add (some) gas!"
  • "Push the gas!" (This one for the car, meaning "Pushing the gas pedal").
  • "Add (some) throttle!"
  • "Add (some) revs!" (I'm pretty sure, this one works, but I wanted to be more specific about the action performed by the subject).
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    Pedal to the metal! – physavage Jun 2 at 23:06

"Speed up" is the most general phrase I'd use:

You do know there's a line of a dozen cars behind us? You should probably speed up.

If you're looking for something a little more descriptive, then

step on the gas

give it some gas

go faster

move it

However, if you want to tell someone to accelerate as fast as possible, then these work:

punch it

put the pedal to the metal

burn rubber

gun it

hit the afterburners

and various others.

(edit) It's much the same for motorcycles, except for "step on" the gas or put the "pedal to the metal", neither of which apply. Instead you might say something about giving it "full throttle" ... but, when you're riding passenger on a motorcycle, unless you have an intercom system it's hard to communicate. So I'm not sure you can say anything.

  • That helps, thanks. What about the moto? – mavzolej Jun 4 at 0:04
  • @mavzolej please see my edit – Andrew Jun 4 at 19:08
  • So, I cannot say "give it SOME throttle"? – mavzolej Jun 4 at 19:18
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    @mavzolej Well, "give it more throttle". But you'd only say that if you're teaching someone how to drive, or in some other way helping them to drive better. Otherwise it sounds too specific, like they don't know how to make the motorcycle go faster. – Andrew Jun 4 at 19:28
  • Thanks! That's exactly what I was asking about. – mavzolej Jun 4 at 20:56

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