What does "a quick take" mean in the following context? Especially the usage of"take".

"As a writer who has produced award-winning novels, novellas, short stories and essays, Chabon has done a stellar job of picking not only the right ideas, but ones with variety. He has also learned which should occupy a lot of his time and which are better suited to a quick take."

Thanks a lot.

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"A quick take" in this sentence means a brief review of the aforementioned ideas.

This definition becomes clearer when you analyze the context in which it appears:

"...which [ideas] should occupy a lot of his time..."

is contrasted with

"...which [ideas] are better suited to a quick take."

He will spend considerable time reviewing or thinking about some ideas, and others he will only review or think about briefly.

In English, the noun take has varied meanings, in this case:

a distinct or personal point of view, outlook, or assessment

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