Can you please help me understand what the meaning of the highlighted sentence mean? It is part of a travel diary. I am leaving the whole paragraph here so that you can get the big picture.

Altered course so I would get as far upwind from the squall as I could. But bashing into 25 knots makes it 30 knots so I had a pretty wild ride for about an hour. At its closest point I had lightening about a mile away while going through a squall. At 3-something this morning I was able to get back on course and go back to sleep. Over the night I passed about ten ships.


First, some definitions:

  • A knot is a unit of speed, equal to one nautical mile per hour. 1 knot is approximately 1.15 regular or "statute" miles per hour. (This is a separate meaning from the more common usage of the word knot, which is the thing you tie with a rope. The meanings are historically related: ships used to measure speed by letting out a long rope with knots tied at certain intervals, and counting how many knots went overboard in a certain amount of time.)

  • A squall is a short-lived wind storm, often with heavy rain.

  • Upwind is the direction from which the wind is blowing.

  • To bash (into) something is to slam into it forcefully. One might talk about "waves bashing into the rocks" or, as in this paragraph, a ship bashing into the waves in "heavy seas" (a body of water with tall and chaotic waves).

The author, presumably a sailor, is saying that the squall had 25 knots of wind (wind blowing at 25 knots). The sailor sailed upwind to stay away from the squall. It seems the boat is capable of moving upwind at 5 knots, which would make the apparent wind 30 knots. Near a squall with heavy seas, this would indeed make for a "wild ride."

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