Tell me please which one of the following sentences is correct.

When I put another SIM card in my tablet of another mobile internet provider, it works.

When I put a different SIM card in my tablet of a different mobile internet provider, it works.

I guess these two sentences might be correct, if so, then what is the difference then?


Both words can be used in this context but both your sentences are ambiguous and a bit awkward, because the repetition (of "another" or "different") are implying multiple kinds of differences between SIM cards and providers, when I think (?) you mean just one. If so, I would say:

When I put a SIM card from a [another/different] mobile internet provider into my tablet, it works.

You don't need to (and shouldn't) repeat the word ("different") unless you mean it's not only a different provider but also some different kind of SIM card.

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