I have to ask a customer, if I can proceed with my work and I set up this sentence:

Please tell me if I should proceed.

Is this correct or is there a better way?

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    Can you describe the "scene" a bit? What's going on? – Jan Jun 5 at 7:07
  • I present my work to a customer. He checked the work. Now I need only the final go. I know, I can proceed. But I have to wait (next step is publish my work). – Mario Jun 5 at 7:13
  • It looks fine to me. You can use comma after the "introductory element" if you want. "Please, tell me if I should proceed." – Jan Jun 5 at 7:17
  • We say the go-ahead. I'm still waiting for the go-ahead on that job they contacted me about last week. A go by itself has other meanings, e.g. let me have a go = let me have a turn. – user96060 Jun 5 at 7:28

In a more formal way you might want to say: "May I proceed?"

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