The lecturer is saying

you can think of machine learning, deep learning in general as modeling a function that takes an input that can be an image, a speech, a natural language or a CSV file, give it to a box and get an output that can be classification

in this context, there are 3 steps in which the function do its job

1. takes an input
2. gives it to a box
3. gets an output

so, the "give" and "get" are not grammatical, am I right about this?


This lecturer has a very thick French accent and is clearly not a native English speaker, so I think it is understandable that he made some errors. You are correct that give and get should be gives and gets, because the subject is a singular function. “a speech” and “a natural language” and “can be classification” also sound slightly off. (“a fragment of speech/natural language” and “is a classification” are probably what the “correct” versions would be).

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