Do you have your driving licence with yourself?

Do you have your driving licence with you?

Would you tell me which one is right?

Thanks in advanced


The first sentence is incorrect. There is no use of a reflexive/emphatic pronoun with this meaning. Your second sentence is right:

Do you have your driving licence with/ or on you?

"With oneself" can be used with an adjective, to form sentences like, "Are you pleased with yourself?" "You look happy with yourself"

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Here's two ways to express this:

"Do you have your Driver License with you?"

"Do you have your Driver License on you?"

In the US, a Driver License is a specific thing, we don't have "driving" licenses. However, people will often say "driver's" license

"with" implies the object is nearby and easily accessible, in the glovebox, in a bag. "on" implies on your person, such as in a pocket.

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  • It's funny. My driver's license says "driver license" on it, but I'd never actually say that out loud. To me, at least, it sounds pretty strange! – snailcar Apr 16 '14 at 23:44

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