Is this sentence correct?

I had my dishes washed by the dishwasher.

or this form of grammar (have something done) is used "only" when "someone" is paid to do something for us?

Thank you


I don't know of any rules preventing this and I'd certainly not be surprised if I heard it used for appliances.

I'd consider changing the sentence to this though:

I have had my dishes washed by the dishwasher.

Or, more naturally:

My dishes have been washed by the dishwasher.

  • While grammatical, I'd say both are somewhat unusual. More common, to me, would be I washed my dishes in the dishwasher. (Which is understood figuratively, rather than in the literal sense of the actual words in the sentence.) It's in contrast to I washed my dishes by hand or I washed my dishes in the sink. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jun 10 at 16:55

I don't think it sounds natural at all.

A dishwasher is an appliance, a tool. It doesn't just pick your dishes up at your request and wash them for you. It requires your manual intervention.

You wouldn't say:

I had the nails knocked in by a hammer.

You would say:

I knocked the nails in with a hammer.

I think the most natural and common way to express what you are trying to say would be:

I used the dishwasher to wash the dishes.

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