What does 'reduced the importance' mean? Is it good or bad? Good probably if it is an ad but why?

Apple has already reduced the importance of iTunes on the iPhone and iPad and will now do the same on Mac computers too. iTunes will still be available on Macs using older OS versions, as well as on machines running Microsoft’s Windows system.

VOA article: Apple to Add New Software, Privacy Tool, End iTunes

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    It's just the dictionary definitions of "reduce" and "importance". You have to read the article to understand (or at least infer) how they are doing this.
    – Andrew
    Jun 10, 2019 at 17:23

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It's the simple meanings of the words.

If they "reduce the importance" of something it used to be important, and now it is less so.


Let's look at the dictionary definition of the expression, shall we?

To reduce the importance of something:

To make something seem less important or special

Now on to the sentence:

Apple has already reduced the importance of iTunes on the iPhone and iPad

This means that they used to put a lot of importance on iTunes but they have made it less important.

Let's look at more examples to make things more clear: (Ludwig.guru)

Ministers' plans to reduce the importance of income in measuring child poverty are today sharply criticized by their own official adviser on child poverty.

Beijing has announced a proposal to reduce the importance of English on the college entrance examination taken by high school students. (so the Chinese officials want to make English less important on the test)

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